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Genus: Dormitator, Fat Sleeper, Sleepers

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body deep
head robust, scaled
body scales smooth
lateral scales 25-36



Head and body somewhat compressed, body relatively deep, deepest before dorsal fin; eyes on side of head; snout blunt; mouth oblique, large, top and bottom jaws end together at front; teeth slender, moveable, with straight tips, in bands on jaws, none on front of roof of mouth; gill membranes broadly joined to throat, with 6 rays; two separate dorsal fins, VII weak spines + I, 8-9, base of 2nd dorsal < distance from the end of that base to tail fin; anal fin with I spine; pelvics I, 5, long, completely separated; scales large, smooth on head, rough on body, 25-36 along side, head scaled, with fine scales to tip of snout; no lateral line.

A tropical genus of 5 species found on both sides of the Atlantic and the E Pacific. One W Atlantic species in our region.