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Genus: Diplobatis, Painted Electric Ray, Painted Electric Rays

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disco oval, front convex
large eyes
D1 = D2
C triangular
mouth tubular
teeth inside closed mouth
nostrils: 2 pr openings



Disc slightly oval, with moderately convex front edge; well-developed electrical organs visible as kidney-shaped mounds on either side of the head; nostrils subdivided with two openings; eyes normally developed, not covered by skin; mouth tubular, protractile, teeth entirely inside mouth when it is closed; 2 dorsal fins of equal size; outer part of inner edge of pelvic fins not joined to side of tail; male claspers not continuous with inner edge of pelvic fins; moderately stout tail with skin fold from under rear of 1st dorsal base to origin of tail fin; tail fin well developed, triangular, upper and lower lobes continuous around the tip.

Diplobatis is a new world, tropical genus with four species, three of which occur in the Greater Caribbean, two of them endemic to that region.