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Genus: Gobiesox, Clingfish, Clingfishes

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head broad
top lip wide, wider in center
sucker papilla patches: front, sides, rear, 2 (wide-spaced) central
pectoral base: large pad



Tadpole shaped, head broad, depressed; head with sensory papillae; top lip broad, much wider at front than at sides; top jaw with a deep patch of conical teeth at front, with canines or conical teeth on sides; lower jaw with 1-3-pointed incisors at front, a row of curved canines along side; 1 dorsal fin, at rear, no spines; anal fin like dorsal fin and under it; a large fleshy pad with free rear edge at base of pectoral fin; sucker large, with papillae at front (a broad band), center (2 widely spaced patches) & rear; no scales; lateral line present as pores on head only.

A new world tropical to temperate genus with 29 species; 4 endemic species and 1 W Atlantic species occur in the Greater Caribbean.