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Genus: Entomacrodus, Blennies, Pearl Blenny, Rock Blennies

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cirri simple: eye 1-11, nape 1
D XIII, deep notch
snout rounded, overhanging
top lip - edges wrinkled
gill opening wide
LL: short arch over pectoral



Body very elongate; head short and blunt; snout rounded, overhanging; simple cirrus over front nostril and multiple cirri over eye; cirrus on nape, if present, a slender filament; no fleshy crest on head; many movable teeth on each jaw; teeth on front of roof of mouth; lower surface of top lip wrinkled at sides; gill openings broad, forming a fold across throat; dorsal fin with deep notch between spiny and soft parts, XIII spines, but the last one tiny and hard to see; fin rays unbranched, except on tail fin; lateral line is a short arch over pectoral; no scales.

A pantropical genus with 24 species; 1 is endemic to our region.