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Genus: Hypsoblennius, Blennies, Combtooth Blenny

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eye cirri - 1 branched
D XI-XIII, small notch
teeth fixed
no rear canines
gill opening - side only
LL end under mid D



Moderately elongate; short robust head, with very steep front profile; a branched cirrus over eye, with or without cirri at nostrils, no cirri on nape; teeth with blunt flattened tips, in single rows, not movable, no rear canines on either jaw; gill openings restricted to sides of body by fusion of gill cover membranes to throat; dorsal fin with X-XIII spines, little or no notch between the spiny and soft parts; fin rays unbranched, except on tail fin; lateral line ends under end of spiny dorsal fin; no scales.

A new world tropical to warm temperate genus with 16 species; there are 4 endemic and 1 NW Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.