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Genus: Malacoctenus, Blennies, Labrisomid Blenny

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head slender, pointed
branched cirri: nape & eyes
D XVIII-XXIII, 9-12, notched
rear of top jaw bone covered by bone above
LL tubes/canals at least on front body, 40-69



Head slender, snout pointed; a pair of heavily branched cirri on the nape; a branched cirrus over eye; upper part of rear end of top jaw covered by bone under eye; small teeth behind outer row of large teeth on upper jaw absent in most species; no teeth on sides of roof of mouth; dorsal fin XVIII-XXIII, 9-12, notch between spines and rays; pelvic fins with with I (internal), 3, inserted before pectoral base; all fin rays unbranched; 40-69 lateral line scales; lateral line tubes or canals at least on front of body; smooth scales on rear of body.

A neotropical genus of 18 species; found on both sides of the Atlantic and the eastern Pacific; there are 7 endemics and 1 west Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.