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Family: BREGMACEROTIDAE, Codlet, Codlets

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long isolated D ray on head
D & A: long based, notched
pelvics under throat, = v long filaments



Small fishes (to ~ 10 cm); elongate body; top half of small eye with transparent membrane; mouth opens at front; jaws with 1-2 series of minute, slender, movable teeth, similar teeth at from of roof of mouth, no teeth on sides of roof of mouth; 1st dorsal fin a single long dorsal fin ray on head, well before 2nd dorsal, that folds into a groove when depressed; 2nd dorsal fin with long base, lower; anal fin similar to and directly under 2nd dorsal fin; pectorals short, high on sides; pelvic fins on throat under operculum, inner 3-4 rays branched and short, outer 3 rays free, very long, fit into groove along abdomen and side of anal fin; scales thin, small, smooth; lateral line high on back along each side of dorsal fin base.

A circumglobal tropical to subtropical family of oceanic to coastal fishes with one genus and 14 species, 5 species in the Greater Caribbean, inshore in our region.