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Genus: Halichoeres, Common Wrasse, Wrasses

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rear top canine
front canines: top 1 pr, bottom 2 pr
LL: abruptly bent, 26-29



Elongate, compressed; mouth protrusible, opens at front, thick lips; rear of top jawbone not visible on cheek; toothed grinding plates in throat; enlarged canine teeth at front of both jaws (1 pair above, 2 pairs below), a canine at rear of top jaws; gill membranes fused under throat; dorsal fin IX, not obviously notched between spiny and soft parts; anal fin III, 11-12; lateral line unbroken, but abruptly bent down under rear of dorsal fin, its tubes branched, except those on tail base; lateral line with 26-29 pored scales.

A circumglobal, tropical to warm temperate genus with ~ 70 species; 11 species (4 endemics and 7 W Atlantic) in our region.