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Genus: Stegastes, Damselfishes, Gregories, Gregory Damselfish, Majors

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preopercle & bone under eye: serrated
teeth: 1 row close-set incisors



Body oblong, compressed; 1 pair of nostrils; margin of preopercle serrated; margin of bone under eye serrated, without notch between it and the bone before it; mouth small, protrusible, opens at front; teeth in single row, long and close-set incisors; a single continuous dorsal fin, XII; anal fin with II spines; no projecting short spines at upper and lower base of tail fin; caudal fin bluntly forked; scales are moderately large and rough; body scaled, head largely scaled (snout scaled to nostrils), as are the basal parts of the median fins; lateral line incomplete, ends under end of dorsal fin base.

A pantropical genus with about 40 species. The 9 species found in our region, 8 endemics and 1 SW Atlantic.