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Genus: Pomacanthus, Angelfish, Angelfishes

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LL complete
bone under eye - no spines
scales: varying sizes; irregularly arranged; > 70 laterals



Deep compressed body; a short, blunt snout; mouth small, with brush-like teeth; preopercle with a large spine at its angle, with vertical margin smooth; bone between preopercle and operculum without spines; bone under eye without large, rear-pointing spines; dorsal fin un-notched, IX-XI, 24-33; dorsal and anal fins usually end in filaments; tail straight; body with large and small scales, irregularly arranged, lateral scales >70, very rough, with distinct ridges on the exposed part, scales extend out onto the median fins; without "axillary process" (an enlarged scale) at the base of the pelvic fins; lateral line complete; juveniles differently colored from adults.

A circumtropical genus with 14 species; 2 W Atlantic species present in the Greater Caribbean; 6 IndoPacific species introduced to S Florida