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Genus: Polydactylus, Bobos, Threadfin, Threadfins

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fatty eyelid over large eye
C: very forked
snout short, cónical, translucent
pectoral with 5-9 long free rays



Elongate, compressed; snout short, conical, translucent, overhangs mouth; eyes large, longer than snout, with fatty cover, at front of head; mouth moderate, below snout, with bottom lip extending to front, but no top lip; tooth bands of top jaw touching in center; preopercle serrated; two well separated dorsal fins, VIII + I, 11-15; anal fin base short, III, 10-18; pectoral low on side, 12-18, divided in two sections, upper section a normal fin with rays joined by membranes, lower section under gills with 5-9 long free rays, horizontal length of total fin base shorter than upper jaw; pelvics well behind pectoral base, under 1st dorsal; tail strongly forked; scales rough; lateral line extends onto tail fin.

This genus of about 20 species is circumtropical. Three species occur in the Greater Caribbean, one endemic and two W Atlantic.