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Genus: Archosargus, Seabream Porgy, Seabreams

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head small, profiles convex
D 1st spine points forwards
tail base - no blotch
front incisors not notched
upper molars - 3 rows



Body oval, somewhat compressed, back humped; head small, pointed, upper and lower profiles convex; eye moderate; mouth small, opens at front; bone under front of eye overlaps rear bone of top jaw; front teeth large, with wide, flattened, unnotched tips, 3 rows of molars on sides of top jaws; margin of preopercle smooth; dorsal fin long & low, XII spines, front spine (sometimes skin covered) projects forwards; anal short, III short spines; pectoral long, much longer than pelvic; cheeks and opercles usually scaly, but no scales on snout or between the eye and mouth.

A neotropical genus of 3 species; 2 West Atlantic representatives in the Greater Caribbean.