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Genus: Echinorhinus, Prickly Sharks, Prickly Shark

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cylindrical, robust, with scattered large thorns
fins short, blunt
2 similar Ds, near C
C very asymmetric
pelvics large
no A





Body robust, cylindrical; head depressed; spiracles small, well behind eyes; teeth similar on both jaws, compressed and plate-like, each with 1 large point, adults with 3 additional small points; 5 gill slits, last distinctly longer than the rest; all before pectoral; both dorsal fins small, at rear of body, first originates behind origin of pelvic fin; pelvics large, at rear of body; no anal fin; tail fin strongly asymmetrical, lower lobe poorly developed, without notch under top tip; body covered with coarse denticles.

A subtropical to temperate circumglobal genus with 2 species. One temperate Atlantic species occurs in our region.