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Genus: Anisotremus, Smallmouth Grunt, Grunts, Porkfishes, Sargos

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body deep oval
snout profile convex
D XII, 14-18
soft D & A not scaled
distinct bars/stripes
lips thick
A: 2nd spine largest, 9-10



Body deep, compressed, back high; head short, blunt, before eyes convex, no depression; rear margin of bone under eye concealed by scales; mouth small, low, ~ horizontal, lips fleshy; inside mouth not red; teeth in bands on jaws, outer ones larger, conical, none on center roof of mouth; a pair of conspicuous pores plus a central groove under the chin; preopercle finely serrated; dorsal continuous but deeply notched, 4th spine longest, XII, sometimes XI or XII spines, 14-18; tail forked; anal with III strong spines, 2nd very large, 9-10 soft rays; scales moderate to large, rough, over entire body and head except front of snout, lips and chin, none on membranes between dorsal and anal soft rays; lateral line 46-60; 5-11 scales between dorsal fin and lateral line; body barred or striped.

A neotropical genus of 7 species; with 2 West Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.