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Genus: Diapterus, Longspine Mojarra, Mojarras

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D: 2nd spine > distance snout to rear edge eye
no stripes or bars
bone under eye smooth
throat teeth pointed
preopercle serrated
A: spines not thick, 2nd spine < fin base



Body oval to deep, compressed; the lower profile of the head distinctively concave; the mouth is highly extensible, pointing downward when protruded; jaws appear toothless but have tiny, brush-like teeth; teeth inside throat all pointed; lower border of preopercle finely serrated; bone under front of eye with smooth border; one dorsal fin, IX spines, elevated at front, 2nd spine longer than distance between tip of snout and rear of eye; anal fin with 11 elements, 2nd spine relatively large, but shorter than fin base; pectoral fin long and pointed; tail fin deeply forked; scales large, conspicuous and finely rough, covering most of head and body; dorsal and anal fins fold into a high scaly sheath along their bases; body without dark stripes or bars.

A neotropical genus with 4 species; 2 West Atlantic species found in our area.