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Genus: Selar, Scad Jack, Scads

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large fatty eyelid covers large eye
D & A: no finlets behind
LL: extension nape only
pectoral > head
rear LL: scutes





Body elongate, fusiform, moderately compressed; eye covered with fatty eyelid, with vertical slit in center; margin of bone at rear end of gill chamber with 2 papillae, 1 small one at top, 1 large one at bottom, bottom one with large notch below it; 2 dorsal fins close together, no free spines at front; anal fin with II spines before rest of fin; no isolated finlets after dorsal & anal fins; pectoral longer than head; tail base slender; tail strongly forked; rear straight part (but not curved front part) of lateral line with well developed scutes (hard, spiny scales); body more or less covered with small scales.

A circumtropical genus with 2 species, 1 of them circumtropical.