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Genus: Caranx, Crevalle Jack, Crevalles, Jacks, Pompanos, Trevallies

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D & A: no finlets behind
D2 higher than D1
jaw teeth: top - canines + inner band; lower - 1 row
pectoral > head
rear LL - scutes



Body moderately compressed in adults; top jaw with an outer row of canines and an inner band of fine teeth; lower jaw with one row of teeth; margin of body at rear of gill chamber without papillae; pectoral fins longer than head; 1st dorsal IX, lower than 2nd dorsal; dorsal and anal fins not followed by finlets; tail base slender; tail strongly forked; lateral line with scutes (large, hard spiny scales) on straight rear part but not curved front part.

A circumtropical genus of perhaps 17 species. Our region contains 3 species, including 1 circumtropical and two Pan-Atlantic.