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Genus: Alectis, Pompano Jack, Pompanos

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body high, very compressed
forehead steep, rounded
D & A: high front lobes, no rear finlets
LL: spiny scales - tail base only
body appears scaleless
juvenile: front D & A = filaments, pelvics long





Body deep, strongly compressed, elongating with age; upper head profile steeply rounded; 1st dorsal fin VII, all but 1 spine buried under skin in adult; front spines of dorsal and anal fins extremely elongate in juveniles; anal fin with II free spines at front; pelvics moderate sized throughout life; front of second dorsal and anal fins with long lobes, no finlets after 2nd dorsal and anal fins; pectoral long, curved; tail base slender; tail strongly forked; body scales very small, imbedded in skin, body appears scaleless; straight rear part of lateral line with scutes (hard spiny scales) only on tail base.

A pantropical genus with 3 species; with one circumtropical species in the Greater Caribbean.