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Genus: Coryphaena, Dolphinfish, Dolphinfishes

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elongate, tapering, very compressed
D origin on nape
D & A no spines, v long bases





Body very elongate compressed; adult males with a bony crest on the forehead, and a near-vertical front snout profile; mouth large; numerous small teeth in bands on jaws; a long-based dorsal fin extending from the nape almost to the tail fin; a long-based anal fin extending nearly to the tail fin; a large, deeply forked tail fin; no isolated finlets behind the dorsal or anal fins; pectorals and pelvics short, the latter fitting into grooves on the belly; small smooth scales; no hard spiny scales (scutes) on lateral line; lateral line with a sharp curve over pectorals.

The genus has 2 circumtropical species, both of which occur in our region.