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Genus: Remora, Remora Suckerfish, Remoras, Sharksuckers, Whalesuckers

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body robust, depth 12.5-20% SL
head disc: 14-28 plates
uniform color
pelvic broadly attached to belly
pectoral rounded
C concave



Body elongate, robust, depth 12.5-20% SL; head sucker with 14-28 plates; jaws broad, lower jaw projecting, top jaw not protractile; simple teeth on jaws and center of roof of mouth; operculum without spines; dorsal and anal fin bases long, but relatively short (<2 times head length); 21-34 dorsal rays; pectorals high on body, rounded; pelvics under pectoral base, close-set, I, 5, broadly attached to belly; tail fin concave to straight edged; scales small, smooth, imbedded.

A circumglobal tropical to temperate genus with 5 species, all in our region.