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Genus: Phtheirichthys, Slender Suckerfish Remora, Suckerfish

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very elongate, depth < 10% SL
head disc 9-11 plates
body: white bordered dark stripe
C: W shaped
pectorals pointed





Very elongate (height < 10% of SL); sucking disc on head small, with 9-11 rows of plates; jaws broad, lower jaw projecting, top jaw not protractile; simple teeth on jaws and center of roof of mouth; operculum without spines; dorsal and anal fin bases long, 2-3 times head length; anal fin 29-41 rays; pectorals high on body, pointed; pelvics under pectoral base, close-set, I, 5; tail with W shaped margin (central rays filamentous in juvenile); scales small, smooth, imbedded.

A circumglobal genus, except for eastern Indian Ocean, with a single tropical to subtropical species that occurs in our area.