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Genus: Echeneis, Shark Suckerfish Remora, Sharksuckers

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body elongate, depth 7-12.5% SL
head disc 18-28 plates
body: dark, white-bordered stripe
pectoral pointed



Body long & slender, depth 7-12.% SL; head disc with 18-28 plates; jaws broad, lower jaw projecting, top jaw not protractile; simple teeth on jaws and center of roof of mouth; operculum without spines; dorsal and anal fins without spines, bases long, 2-3 times head length; anal fin 29-41 rays; pectorals high on body, pointed; pelvics under pectoral base, close-set, I, 5; scales small, smooth, imbedded; a white-edged black stripe running length of body from mouth, through eye to tail base.

The genus contains a two species (1 circumtropical and 1 W Atlantic), both of which occur in our area.