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Genus: Cookeolus, Bigeye, Bullseye

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D: last spines longest, 12-14
soft D & A pointed
peropercle spineless
pelvics very long



Body a compressed oval; bone before eye with large serrations at front; a large, upturned, oblique mouth with a projecting lower jaw; no spines on the head; preopercle spineless; fin spines with tiny spines; dorsal fin X, 13-14, spines increasing in length from 1st to last, 10th spine > 2x length of 2nd; anal III, 12-14; soft dorsal and anal fins long and bluntly pointed (except in very large fish); pelvic fins very long, > head length (except in specimens > 35 cm), broadly fused to belly; tail edge W shaped; scales moderate sized, 60-73 in lateral series, 16-20 between dorsal fin origin and lateral line.

The genus contains a single circumtropical species.