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Genus: Paralabrax, Rock Basses, Sand Bass Grouper, Sand Basses

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elongate, compressed
D X, 13-14, some front spines elongate
rear top jawbone - no scales
teeth fixed
gill rakers 21
pectoral 13-18
LL 55-63



Body elongate, compressed; head pointed; mouth large; rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, without accessory bone above it; teeth fixed; roof of mouth with teeth on sides and center; gill rakers 21; preopercle finely serrated; dorsal X, 13-14, front spines elongate; pectoral 13-18; pelvics inserted under or slightly behind pectoral base; tail rounded to concave, 13-15 branched rays; scales small, rough, 55-63 on lateral line; rear of top jawbone without scales.

A new world tropical to temperate genus with 9 species; one W Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.