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Genus: Cephalopholis, Graysbies, Graysby Grouper

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D IX, 13-16, deep notches between spines
C rounded
teeth movable
A 8-9



Small groupers with robust, oblong bodies; snout much longer than eye; flat to convex between the eyes; rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, with bony knob at lower rear corner; most of teeth movable; preopercle rounded, finely serrated, no spines or notch; dorsal with IX, 13-16, membranes deeply notched between spines; pectoral fin symmetrically rounded, a scaly flap of skin joining upper part of inner side of pectoral base to body; tail base slender, its height < ½ body height; tail fin rounded; flank scales rough; body scales small.

A circumtropical genus of 26 species; with one endemic and three W Atlantic species, plus one Indo-Pacific exotic, in the Greater Caribbean.