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Genus: Hemanthias, Splitfin Bass Grouper, Splitfin Basses, Threadfin Basses

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eye large
D X (with filaments), 12-15
top jaw to between eyes - no scales
gill rakers 31-39
LL 47-71, 34-50 around tail base



Body elongate, compressed; head short, compressed; eye large; mouth strongly oblique; rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, without accessory bone above it; canine teeth at front of mouth; teeth on center and sides of roof of mouth; preopercle margin serrated , without long, forward-pointing spines; 31-39 gill rakers; dorsal fin X (some elongate (20-53% SL) in adult, filaments fused to spine tips, longest usually III (in large fish), 12-15; anal fin III, 8 (7-9); pectoral ~symmetrical, 15-21; tail fin long, forked; pelvics inserted under base of pectoral; scales small, rough, with teeth on edges only, 47-71 (usually 51-67) on lateral line, 34-50 around tail base; top jaw and most of snout and area between eyes scaleless.

A new world, tropical to subtropical genus with 3 species; 1 endemic species in our area.