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Genus: Centropomus, Snook, Snooks

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head pointed
2 Ds
LL to end of forked C
mouth large & protractile
lower jaw projects
teeth small
A: short base; III large, strong spines



Body oblong elongate, compressed; head pointed, upper head profile straight to concave; mouth large and protractile, lower jaw protruding; teeth small, in bands; margin of preopercle serrated; two well separated dorsal fins: VIII + I, 8-11; anal fin short, III strong spines, 5-8 soft rays; pelvics insert a little behind pectoral base, with I strong spine and 5 rays; a forked tail fin; lateral line, which is dark, extends to the end of the tail fin; scales large, rough.

A new world tropical genus with 13 species. Five species occur in the Greater Caribbean, 4 W Atlantic and one endemic.