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Genus: Prionotus, North American Searobin, Searobins, Gurnards

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nape & opercular flap: with scales
pectoral 13-14 + 2-3 free rays



Head large, squarish, bony, with many ridges and spines; wide between eyes; mouth opens at front or slightly under snout; teeth on jaws and roof of mouth simple; two separate dorsal fins, usually X (rarely IX or XI), rear spines short, often difficult to see) + 11-13; pectoral fins long, passing middle of base of anal fin, 13-14 joined rays, with 2-3 enlarged, free rays at bottom of fin that are detached from main fin; body with rough scales; upper rear flap of operculum above spine with scales; nape scaled.

A new world tropical to temperate genus of 23 species; represented in our region by 15 species, 6 endemics, 4 W Atlantic and 5 NW Atlantic species.