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Genus: Galeocerdo, Tiger Shark

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big flat head
snout short, blunt
body: stout, dark bars
tail base: large keel
teeth: serrated cockscombs





Body stout, tapering to slender tail base; broad, flat head with blunt very short, snout; large spiracle behind large, round eye; long furrow above top lip (corner of mouth to below front of large round eye; mouth large, long, with characteristic cockscomb teeth (serrated, front edge convex, oblique tip with a deep notch on lower rear side); five gill slits, last two over pectoral; strong ridge on back between dorsal fins; first dorsal moderately large, front edge straight, rear edge concave, origin over rear corner of pectoral; second dorsal small, over anal; prominent keel on side of slender tail base; tail fin strongly asymmetric, with sharp pointed tip, large pointed lower lobe.

This genus has a single circumtropical species found in warm temperate and tropical parts in all 3 oceans, including our region.