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Search Result: SFGC - Lipogramma flavescens(species)

Author Date Title Source
Baldwin, C.C.; Tornabene, L.; Robertson, D.R.; Nonaka, A. and Grant Gilmore, R. 2018 More new deep-reef basslets (Teleostei: Grammatidae: Lipogramma), with updates on the eco-evolutionary relationships within the genus. ZooKeys Vol.729 pp.129-161
Gilmore, R.G. 1997 Lipogramma robinsi, a new basslet from the tropical western Atlantic, with descriptive and distributional notes on L. flavescens and L. anabantoides (Perciformes: Grammatidae). Bulletin of Marine Science Vol.60 pp.782-788
Gilmore, R.G. and Jones, R.S. 1988 Lipogramma flavescens, a new grammid fish from the Bahama Islands, with descriptive and distributional notes on L. evides and L. anabantoides. Bulletin of Marine Science Vol.42 issue 3 pp.435-445