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  • black bars: through eye 5 on body
    D1: large black blotch
    D2 & C: black edges
    D VI+ 1,9
    pelvics fused - round disc
    A, I,9
    C base: 2 large rough scales
    body - rough scales
  • white; flank - 4 oval yellow-brown blotches
    back double yellow bars
    eye yellow
    D2 11; A 11
    Ds & C white; A & Pv grey + black edge
    lateral scales 47-53, start under pectoral
    Pelvics separate, rays branched, reach anus
  • head- top profile straight
    eyes large, dark triangle below
    D1 VII
    body: 4 dark bars, 1st under D1 strongest
    C long, pointed, 2 dark stripes above, lower border dark
    pelvics separate, fin rays branched
    scales: rough, behind pectoral base, 1-2 large on C base
  • head - 3 thin black bars
    body 4 broad, oval black bars
    D2 9; A 8
    body mostly scaled; C base scaled
    pelvics: rays unbranched, tips simple, reach A origin