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  • D black stripe along front
    LL ends under D spines I-III
    top lip dark
    jaw teeth - 1 row, slender, straight
    male A - black stripe along base
    C oval, ~head
  • grey-brown, fins dark
    operculum - oval black & white ocellus
    D 18, A 17
    C: 0 branched rays
    membrane between jaws: black
    longitudinal scales 47-56
  • yellow + 2 lavender stripes
    D, C & A: blue & yellow
    opercle: black triangle in white Y
    front nostril: short tube, no cirrus
    D spines straight, strong
    cheeks all scaled
  • yellow
    fins - brown edges
    inside mouth pale
    D 11-12; A 11
    front nostril: no cirrus
    D spines thin, flexible
    26-42 lateral scales
  • body lavender + 3 red spots
    head red above, orange below
    inside mouth yellow, black at rear
    D: X, I-V black
    top jaw: long rear blade