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  • adult plain brown
    juvenile: ~8 dark bars
    elongate, slender; v long tail base
    Ds > pelvics, concave rear edges
    D1 origin over front 1/2 pelvic base
  • small, slender
    uniform light grey
    D1 short, base nearer pelvic than pectoral
    C no lower lobe, = long ribbon
    teeth very small, similar on both jaws, multiple points
    rear teeth = combs
    with A
  • eye: small, oval, behind mouth
    2 large Ds
    2 barbels under snout
  • body soft, flabby
    snout short, round
    ridge under eye
    D1 < D2; D1 origin before pelvic origin
    D2 ~ A, origin over front 1/2 A base
    C almost no lower lobe
    denticle crests: top edge C, bottom edge tail base
  • saddles & blotches outlined by black dots
    few/no white spots
  • dark + dark saddles
    few/no dark spots
  • inconspicuous dark saddles + white spots