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  • snout: yellow V joins side stripes to C
    flank: pale blue stripes above & below thin yellow stripe
    Cayman Is
    mouth distinctly under pointed snout
    top lip not fused to snout
  • snout: pale V joins 2 pale side stripes to onto C
    pale stripe: white/yellow/blue
    mouth well under sharp snout
  • yellow V across snout, side stripes onto C
    pale stripes widen on rear body
    mouth distinctly under pointed snout
    top lip not joined to snout
  • snout dark/yellowish-grey
    narrow yellow/white stripe: top eye to C base
    lower dark stripe wide, ends as oval spot on lower C
    mouth not under snout, top lip separate from snout
    pectoral 18
  • white V on snout joins narrow blue-white stripe to end C
    lower dark stripe wide, extends to end of C
    mouth at front or slightly under snout