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  • body yellow-brown
    behind pectoral: orange bar
    dark face mask
    fins dark, C edge yellow
    Juv yellow
  • grey, ~10 long thin dark bars
    C straight/slightly concave, blunt, rear edge not white
  • blue, + thin wavy lines on side
    juv: yellow/blue/ blue + yellow tail
  • grey + 2 white bars + dense white dots
    C black & white
  • grey; upper head & body + thin black stripes
    D,A & C black + blue edges
    behind pectoral: yellow blotch
    tail spine orange
  • uniform grey-grown
    C concave tips pointed, read edge white
  • no horn
    yellow stripe eye to mouth
    D black, margin white
    C black, margin yellow
    tail base: 2 large cutting keels in orange blotches