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  • iris blue/black
    body white + 3 dark bars & scattered dark dots
    D, A & C spotted
    opercular spine small, no groove
    sucker papillae: no extra patches behind front band; small front papillae on rear band
  • head red, dense white dots; iris red with white rings
    body translucent, 4 dark bars & dense dark spots
    D, A & C spotted
    opercular spine large, grooved
    sucker papillae: 2 extra patches behind front band
  • wide head
    dense dark spots in pale reticulum
    top lip wide, wider in center
    sucker large, papilla front, rear, 2 close central patches
    pectoral base: large pad
  • head and body: scattered blue spots
    purple-red; sometimes dark or pale bars
    fins not spotted
    subopercular spine absent