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  • no pit behind eyes
    crest under eye: many small spines
    pectoral: top point, 21-24
    pectoral: top rays branch, lower rays fleshy
    LL complete
    preopercle: spine I longest
    D XII
    scales rough
  • no pit behind eyes
    D XII, 11.5+
    5 dark bars (V-shape under soft D)
    roof mouth with teeth
    ridge under eye - no spines
    preoperculum - 2nd spine largest
  • ridge under eye: 1 spine
    short branched cirrus over eye
    large pit behind eyes
    D large spot between spines IV-VII
    C - 3 bars, A - 3 stripes
    bone over front mouth: 2 spines point down
    pectoral 16-17
    A 3rd spine not > 2nd
    scales smooth
  • ridge under eye: 3 spines
    branched eye cirrus
    deep pit behind eyes
    lower head & body: small brown spots
    pectoral 16-20
    scales smooth
  • deep pit behind eyes
    slender eye cirrus
    bone atop front mouth: 3-4 spines
    inner face pectoral pale/large blotches
    scales smooth
  • bone atop front mouth: 3-4 spines
    deep pit behind eyes
    inner face pectoral black + white spots
    C pale + 3 dark bars
    scales smooth