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  • body: rows pale spots
    eye dark, no yellow outer ring
    2 yellow stripes: back and under eye
    C lobes: filaments
    LL 36-41
    D, C, A, pelvics: yellow + pink edge
    gill rakers 38-40
    soft D & A no long rays
  • Oval, blunt head
    yellow ring around eye
    D orange, A yellow
    LL 33-38
    C: yellow, tips -long streamers
    top jaw scaled
    gill rakers 42-23
    pelvics: yellow - v long streamers
    A 7
    body: rows pale spots on scales
  • fins short
    iris blue, throat yellow
    D, A & pelvic yellow
    body: irregular pale spots
    LL 31-34
    31-34 gill rakers
    C : yellow, lobes round, red & purple
  • red + broad yellow stripe
    D yellow; C, A & pelvics red, C yellow borders
    D: longest spine (IV-V) with short filament
    D: front soft rays - filaments
    C: v long filaments
  • reddish + yellowish fins
    eye large
    D spines -any filaments short, 15 rays
    C deeply forked
    preopercle serrate, no long spines
    pectoral 15-19
    pelvic 24-38% SL
    LL 42-53; rear lower jaw scaled
  • reddish, red stripe along top back
    cheek: 2 yellow stripes
    pectoral base: NO yellow bar
    D: purplish-blue, spine tips yellow
    C: top & bottom borders yellow
    A: yellow base, blue outer half
    pelvics : blue & yellow bar
  • body orange
    cheek: 2 yellow stripes
    pectoral base: yellow bar
    D blue, several spines with long blue filaments, 14 rays
    C deeply forked
    male: A yellow, pelvics red, D & C mauve
  • nostrils separated, rear - long filament
    body depth 26-32% SL
    head no stripes, iris yellow, C red tips
    A 8
    pelvics < 33% SL
    LL interrupted 51-57
  • red, flank - yellow spots
    yellow stripe: snout to pectoral base, fins yellow
    D, spine III long filament
    C shallow fork/~straight
    preopercle serrated, but no long spines
    pelvic long
  • oblong
    head yellow stripes, body pink + dark bar, edges D
    C concave
    roof mouth - central tooth patch elongate at rear
    tongue - oval tooth patch