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  • eyes small
    D, A, C alternating dark & light blotches
    body 10-14 narrow bars
    D 97-106; A 81-89
    84-97 lateral scales
    no pupil cover
    operculum: dark blotch inside & outside
    gut lining pale
    bases D & A rays: no rough scales
  • oval, tapering
    eyes tiny
    tan, irregular dark blotches
    gill openings narrow slits, separate
    pelvics distinct, eye-side fin rudimentary/absent
  • 5-9 strong, bars; rear D & A dark; C blackish
    gut cavity pale
    D 91-102; A 74-86; C 12
    top & inside opercle - dark
    no pupil cover
    lateral scales 81-96
    blind side rear D & A rays - 4-8 rough scales