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  • no eye cirrus
    body broad bars
    large dark spot end base D (& sometimes A)
    cheek - dark horseshoe
    male: red head
  • no eye cirrus
    cheek + dark horseshoe; edge preoperculum: no dar
    body blotches - 3 tiers
    dark blotch end base D, sometimes A
    pectoral base: pale area - wavy edges
    pelvic 2
    belly naked/ rear 1/3 scaled
  • behind eye: black stripe with white spot at end
    7 narrow dark bars
  • red-brown; 7 complete dark bars
    male - black blotch on cheek
    female - rows dots on edges preopercle & opercle
  • bars: 7, wide interspaces, penultimate incomplete - spots above & below
    male: blue-white spots on cheek, spot front D
    lips barred
    female: pectoral base 2 red spots
  • no eye cirrus
    body : irregular blotch pattern
    cheek - pale + dark bar
    large dark spot: end base D & A
    bases D & A: red spot outside body blotch
  • no eye cirrus
    black blotches on pale network
    large dark spot - end base D & A
  • no eye cirrus
    body: irregular network dark blotches
    cheek: notched bar in pale area, preoperculum dark edge
    large dark spot - end base D & A
    pectoral base: pale area - straight edges
  • narrow bars: 3 complete then 5-6 irregular, broken
  • upper 2/3 body dark + row pale Y bars
    red, head bright red, preopercle edge bright crescent
    lips: dark bars