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  • body uniform red
    lips - no bars/spots
    male: opercle - large dark blotch, lower jaw - dark spots
  • male: eye cirri long, red & white bars
    mottled red-brow, oblique pale/white bar under eye
    central rays of pectoral fin long
    pelvics very long
  • body: red, each scale - dark bar
    D & A bases: row red spots
    male opercle - large dark blotch
    lips barred
  • male: eye cirrus = large white ribbon
    flank: 9 oval brown bars + 4 white blotches above
    lower lips 3 black bars
    Cayman Is
  • body reddish + indistinct bars
    lips - white spots
    lower jaw: no pale spots
    male preopercle - large dark blotch
    end bases D & A: small dark spot
  • body ~uniform red
    lips plain/few pale spots
    male: lower jaw no darkspots
    male opercle - large dark blotch
    behind eye: short, narrow, oblique white bar