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  • elongate
    head, body, fins: blue spots
    black blotches: opercle, mid-body, tail base
    LL 17+10
    lower body red
  • brown, 7-9 bars, operculum spot
    lower head & body, A & lower C red
    C pearl spots
    D pearl spots, dark spot front base 1st rays
    juv: 5-7 dark bars, dark spot front base soft D
    lower gill rakers 7-10
  • body: 2 stripes + 8-9 bars
    black spot on operculum
    body & fins- pearl spots
    D dark blotch front rays
    male: dark bars, chin & belly reddish
    lower gill rakers 8-10
  • grey-green + 8-10 bars
    dark blotch - rear opercle
    C clear + dark reticulum, edge red
    D & A pale basal spots
    juv: dark spot at base front soft D
    male: dark grey, head blue, iris red, D & C edges red
    lower gill rakers 20-26
  • grey-green/blue-grey, flank 2-5 dark blotches
    edges D & C red, C no bars
    juv: 6-7 bars, 3 spots on flank, spot front base soft D
    male black, lower head white, edges D & C pink
    lower gill rakers 17-18
  • grey, dark blotch operculum corner
    C: 7-12 long narrow bars
    male: grey, head & front D reddish
    juv: ~9 bars, ocelus base front soft D, operculum corner spot
    lower gill rakers 20-21
  • flank: 2-4 dark blotches
    operculum corner dark blotch
    C narrow bars at base & top 1/2
    juv: dark, ocelus base front soft D
    male: v dark, edge D & top 1/2 & border C orange
    lower gill rakers 22
  • iris red; dark blotch opercle corner
    grey, flank 6 black blotches, central largest
    fins bluey spots, edges bluey
    juve: 8 bars, basal spot front soft D
    male: dark, reddish front flank, soft D & C
    lower gill rakers 12-15
  • chin black, head irregular black blotches
    corner operculum dark blotch
    male: operculum gold blotch