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  • eyes above
    head scaleless
    D1 VI
    opercle blue spot, belly 3 dark bars
    lower jaw bones meet under rear mouth
    body scales rough, laterals 28-36
  • head rounded, scaled
    serrated bony ridge over eye
    D1 VI
    body: 3 double bars, 1 & 2 - > dark blotch on D1 & 2
    C base dark bar
    lower pectoral base - black blotch
    body scales rough
    lateral scales 25-33
  • elongate
    head depressed, top profile ~striaght, scaled
    D1 VI
    C: broad, round, many short spines at base
    top pectoral base - dark spot
    preoperculum: hidden spine
    scales smooth, laterals 90-110
  • head, long flat, wide, blunt, scaled
    3 bars radiate back from eye
    D1 VII
    yellow margins: D1 & 2, A, pelvics, top & bottom C
    scales smooth at front, rough behind
    lateral scales 100-110