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  • snout short
    many spots & blotches, darker row on lower side
    prickes: head & body to D & anus, cheek
    no skin flaps
  • whitish + grey mottling
    black mask: eye to blotch around pectoral base
    mouth in black blotch
    C white, D&A grey + black base
  • head long, slender
    1 pr black skin flaps on back
    flank 1-5 diffuse dark blotches
    male: cheeks marbled
    upper body - prickles back to D
    C slightly concave
  • concave between eyes
    snout long
    upper body - small rosettes of pale dots, lower flank - row dark spots
    prickles: variable amounts on body
    no skin flaps
  • skin flaps: lower back & sides
    lower side: even row 11-14 strong, dark, round spots
    C 2 black bars
    prickles: small part of belly & flank
  • 2 pale bars between eyes
    back: dark polygons in pale mesh
    flank many spots
    prickles: most body, imbedded, not noticeable
    no skin flaps