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  • spines before eyes
    head & body irregular blue lines
    blue stripe - snout to lower tail base
    juvenile: grey + dark-ringed blue spots
  • spines before eyes
    body: dark hexagons + pale separating lines
    juv: yellow/ orange + black spots
    cheek -reticulating dark lines
  • no spines before eyes
    adult: spine lower rear corner of box
    boxed closed around D
    white + dense black spots
    lips white
    juv: orange + scattered black spots
  • no spines before eyes
    spine at lower rear corner of box
    back humped
    box partly open behind D base
    greenish + small white spots, carapace plates dark edged
    juv: orange/lime green + scattered white-ringed dark spots
  • no spines before eyes or lower corner box
    box closed around D
    juv: black + large white spots
    dark + dense small white spots
    lips blackish