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  • longitudinal rows short, dark lines
    snout short, profile concave
    male D2 - filamentous ray
    D & A 27-29
    pelvic flap small
  • brown + large orange blotches, +/- white spots
    tail base: 2 pr strong yellow spines
    juvenile: black + white spots
  • brown + irregular pale stripes
    upper tail base - white blotch
    tail base: no spines; male - patch hairs
  • mottled, white mark along flank
    body deep
    snout short
    D2 base hump
    pelvic flap large
  • white reticulating lines
    body slender
    snout long, upcurved
    D2 base not on hump
    pelvic flap large
  • irregularly mottled
    snout short, profile straight
    male D2 - filamentous ray
    D & A 31-34
    pelvic flap small