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  • D 95-103
    A 75-82
    each body profile: 4-6 dark semicircles/spots
    LL arched, 69-79
  • eyes with tentacles, close together, spiny crest between
    D 78-83; A 60-67
    LL - 3 dark rosettes, central biggest
    mouth small
    4-7 short lower gill rakers
    pelvic bases ~equal
    LL arched
  • head pointed
    D 119-125; pectoral 11-15
    C large dark blotch
    gill rakers short, stout
    pectoral long, black, lower rays < top rays
    LL arched
  • head blunt
    D 88-94; pectoral 17-19
    C 2 dark ovals
    pectoral: short, bottom rays = / > top rays
    LL arched
  • head pointed
    D 92-109; pectoral 11-14
    C transverse oval blotch
    gill rakers long & slender
    pectoral short, barred, lower rays < top rays
    LL arched
  • end curved LL - round spot
    front male A: dark blotch
    blind-side dusky
    LL 84-94
    lower gill rakers: slender, 9-11
    pectorals: eye-side > blind-side
  • head: 2 black grooves
    pectorals: eye-side 2X blind side
    pectoral barred
    LL 78-80
    lower gill rakers: 7-8 short, stout
    male: front D black
  • D 89-95; A 69-75
    dark blotch -front straight LL
    dark spot: LL origin & pectoral base
    male A: front dark blotch
    male: blind side pelvic - v long rays
    LL arched, 63-68