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  • elongate
    eyes large, protrude above
    snout v short, blunt
    body densely spotted
    mid flank: row 3-4 pairs obvious dark blotches
    live in shrimp burrows
  • whitish; dark bar through & under eye
    no head pores
    body: 3 internal dark dashes + 2 rows yellow spots
    C: dark top & bottom edges
    mouth extends past pupil
    pectoral 16-18, clear
    A 9
    no scales
  • 3 black bars across head
    white + irregular yellow-brown spots, 3 internal black bars
    C white, black basal bar + yellow spots
    pectoral: upper 1/2 black, lower 1/2 white
    D2 & A usually 10
    no scales