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  • nape crest in female
    narrow between eyes
    body green
    blue blotch (+/- blue bars): top belly
    black spot rear D1
    lower jaw ~8 canines
    preoperculum 2 pores
    scales mostly smooth
    lateral scales 43-50
  • wide between eyes
    nape no crest
    body: 3 yellow stripes
    lower jaw: 4-5 canines
    lower C yellow
    preoperculum 2 pores
    lateral scales 60-62
    scales mostly rough
  • no nape crest
    narrow between eyes
    male: D1 filament, v long mouth
    body spotted; pearl bar under D1
    lower jaw: 8 canines
    preoperculum 2 pores
    lateral scales 44-54
    scales mostly smooth
  • nape crest - both sexes
    under eye: oblique blue bar, opercle blue bar/spots
    eye to end C dark stripe
    D1 17-18; D2 18
    pink: inner 1/2 Ds, most A & pelvic
    preoperculum - 3 pores
    lateral scales 68-78
    scales mostly rough
  • eyes large, protrude above head
    flank: 6 large orange blotches, 2 blue stripes
    D1 VI, large black blotch