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  • head somewhat depressed
    pores: opercle 2, preopercle 3
    D2 I,9; A 8; pectoral 17
    9 broad dark bars with dark central dashes
    pelvics almost separate
    lateral scales 31-35, no scales above & below band forward to pectoral base
  • head depressed, eyes close-set, dark bar - eye to mouth
    Ds oblique dark bars
    white + 6 irregular bars
    D2 9, A 8
    C oval, yellow + dark bar at base
    pelvics separate, rays branched
    scales rough, large, only body, 4 large on C base
  • tiny barbel before eye
    pores: opercle 2; preopercle 3
    D2 I, 12; A 10; pectoral 18
    brown + ~9 thin light bars
    pelvic disc round
    no scales
  • 3-4 oblique forward pointing bars behind eye
    pores: opercle 0; preopercle 2-3
    no head barbels
    D2 I, 10; A 9; pectoral 17
    6 dark, wide, oblique bars, center with dark dashes
    pelvic disc round
    scales: wedge C in 25-28 rows; 4 v large on C base
  • tiny barbel before eye
    indistinct thin dark bars
    mid-flank: series of dark dots
    D2 I,11: A 9; pectoral 16-17
    pores: opercle 0; preopercle 3
    pelvic disc round
    no scales
  • no head barbels
    pores: opercle 0; preopercle 2
    male D1: 1st spine filamentous
    male dark brown, female mottled
    D2 I, 10: A 9; pectoral 15-16
    pelvic disc oval
    2 patches scales - behind pectoral base & 7-16 rows on tail base, none on C
  • head round
    brown + dark dots
    snout overhangs small mouth
    teeth protrude from closed mouth
    pelvics form disc